Photobook “Schwarzenegger is my idol” by Sergey Melnitchenko has been published

“Schwarzenegger is my idol” is a second book by MOKSOP publishing.
It’s a story of the ’80s-’90s generation, rasied on Hollywood blockbasters.


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“Schwarzenegger is my idol” by Sergey Melnitchenko

“Schwarzenegger is my idol” is a story of the 1980s-1990s generation raised on Hollywood blockbusters. The series was taken in 2012 by Sergey Melnitchenko, a photographer from Mykolaiv, a city on the South of Ukraine. It features a group of young men, deeply passionate for sports, who are turning their teenage craze into a compass through the suffocating atmosphere of the Post-Soviet provincial town.

“KOCHETOV” by Victor and Sergey Kochetov

Was there sex in the USSR? How difficult was it to buy sausage back then? What is Horizontomania? MOKSOP debuts with photobook “KOCHETOV” by father and son Victor and Sergey Kochetov.

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