Sergiy Solonsky’s “Oscillations” exhibition opening

11, October 2019
After a summer break MOKSOP and “COME IN” art gallery collaboration continued with the solo show of Sergiy Solonsky “Oscillations.” The openning took place on October 10th.

The similarly named series of staged photographs self-portraits created at the beginning of the 1990s. As artists describes that period “Every morning you woke up with the feeling you have to start doing something to survive.” Creativity was seen as a sort of therapy and certain way of sublimation of social and inner crisis. Solonsky conveys the emotion of anxiety, discomfort through the unnormalized, unfinished bodily images. Almost performative approach to working with camera became the instrument of reflection that transforms into the irreal trace of the unconscious processes.

Photos by Andrii Yarygin

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