Oleksandr Suprun’s “Parallel worlds” exhibition opening

14, December 2019

Oleksandr Suprun’s “Parallel worlds” exhibition was opened at COME IN art gallery on December 13. Oleksandr Suprun is the Kharkiv author, who gained a wide recognition for his photocollages in the mid 1970s-1980s. Although the very technique of photocollage prompts the escape from the mundanity, Suprun’s vision is always aimed at the reality, and, first of all, at the rural themes, familiar to the photographer. That’s why shepherds, market sellers, kolkhozniks and old people became the heroes of his works. The character of the subjects selected by the author is consonant with the archetypes rooted in the collective memory, making them all-too-familiar, like situations form the stories you’ve hear somewhere, anecdotes or your very own daily observations. In combination with the monumentality of compositions, adhered from the official art, such direct realism and truth of life results in the tension, which generates the variety of subtexts and interpretations.

 Photo credit – Andrii Yarygin.


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