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18x16,4 cm
Catalog number

On the verso side: inscription “2002-2003 [crossied] 1992-1993 Up-down”

About the artist

Sergey Bratkov and Sergey Solonsky — Kharkiv photographers, who worked together in the early-mid 1990s. One of the factors that has united them were launching one of the first galleries for contemporary art in Kharkiv “Up/Down”. Located in the studio of Sergey Bratkov, it became the location for the authors’ experiments, performances and environments. Together with Boris and Vita Mikhailov, were members of The Fast Reaction Group.


Photo credit — Fast Reaction Group, 1995.

1994 — “Неоекспресіоністська фотографія” (разом з Борисом Михайловим), Харківський художній музей, Kharkiv, Ukraine

1994 —“Фотонеоэкспрессионизм” (Photoneoexpressionism), together with Boris Mikhailov, Up/Down gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

1995 — “Если бы я был немцем” (If I Were a German), as part of Fast Reaction Group, Marat Guelman gallery, Moscow, Russia

1995 —  “If I Were a German”, as part of Fast Reaction Group, Brotfabrik gallery and Andreas Weiss, Berlin, Germany

1995 — “Выборы” (Elections), Up/Down gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

1996 — “Рафаэль” (Raphael), as part of Fast Reaction Group, Up/Down gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

1995 — “Синдром Кандинского”, Historical Museum of Odesa, Odesa, Ukraine (curators — Oleksandr Roitburd, Mykhailo Rashkovetskyi)

1997 — “Факельна виставка”, as a part of V International Biennale “Імпреза-97”, Centre for Youth Aesthetic Education and studio-gallery “Сігма”, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

2012 — “Художники за честные выборы”, галерея “Paperworks”, центр сучасного мистецтва “Виназавод”, Москва, Росія

2016 — “Дослідницька платформа: Провина” (together with Boris Mikhailov), PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv, Ukraine (curator — Tetiana Kochubinska)


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