Artwork information

40,4x29,5 cm
Catalog number

on the verso side: in the upper left corner stamp the Vremia group in form of an owland title “Літо”, lower in the centre – stamps “Творческая группа ‘Время’| ‘TIME’ ” and “СССР 310003, г. Харьков-3, пл. Тевелева 22, кв. 57 МАЛЕВАНЫЙ ОЛЕГ | USSR, 310003, Charkov-3 Tevelev sq. 22 57 MALIOVANY OLEG”, artist’s signature, stamp “Фото Малёваного Олега” and label “Фото выставка Олег Малеваный Фрязино 78”, inscription “Photo by Oleg Malyovanyi; kharkov”, inscriptions “Модель Дариса Скопибушевская” and “печать ручная авторская”, artist’s signature

About the artist

Oleg Maliovany (1945, Rubtsovsk, Altai Krai, RFSR) — one of the key personalities in Kharkiv photographic community. Born into the family from Kharkiv that was evacuated to Altai during WW II. Became interested in photography during his school years. Had his first solo exhibition in 1968 in Kharkiv.

In 1969 enrols Kharkiv regional photoclub at the House of Amateur Artists of Trade Unions. In 1970 graduated as an engineer-metallurgist from Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute (now – Nation Technical University “KhPI”). In the 1970s, was one of the Vremia group, which was organized on the base of the photoclub. Worked at the photolaboratory of the Institute of Soil and Agrochemistry after O. Sololovsky. In 1979, there was a fire in the laboratory, which has destroyed a large part of Maliovany’s archive from the early years. His works are defined by the accent on colour and formal aspects. In 1960s-1970s, the photographer was deeply interested in the various kinds of manipulations – collages, solarizations, posterizations, etc. He was considered to be one of the most technically advanced authors in Kharkiv, who was acquainted with the complicated recipes of colour printing.

In 1976 became the member of honour of Krakow photographic union, Krakow, Poland. Won over thirty golden and silver medals and diplomas of the international contests, namely, Kodak Gran-Prix on the International exhibition “Paris-Moscow” (1989), the Pompidou Centre, Paris, France.
Photo credit — Vladyslav Krasnoshchok, 2013.

Solo exhibition

1968 — first solo exhibition, Kharkiv, USSR

1977-1978 — exhibitions in Novosibirsk, RFSR, Chisnau, moldovam Dubno and Fryasino, RFSR

1977 — House of Architects, Kharkiv, USSR

1978 —Kiek in de Kök exhibition hall, Tallin, Estonia

1989-1993 — “Джерела” gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

1990 — “Фото + Живопись”, Kharkiv Art Museum, Kharkiv, USSR

1993 — Kharkiv Art Museum, Kharkiv, Ukraine

1994 — New York, USA

1996 — “Нью-Йорк в объективе Олега Малеваного”, Kharkiv Art Museum, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2002 — “Меркурий” bank, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2003 — “За чертой”, editorial headquoter of “Слобода” newspaper, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2004 — solo show on the occasion of Poland’s integration into the EU, House of Amateru Artists, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2004 — “350-летию Харькова, посвящается”, “Академія” gallery, Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Ars, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2005 — “Антология, 60 фотографий”, Municipal gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2005 — “За 9,5 недель”, “Палитра” gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2005 — “Оглядываясь вперед”, Culture and Business centre of Rubanenko & Partners, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2013 — “55”, Culture and Business centre of Rubanenko & Partners, Kharkiv, Ukraine 

2013 — “Праздник, который всегда со мной”, Municipal gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2015 — “20 видов трубы кондитерской фабрики”, Municipal gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine


Group exhibitions

1965 — first exhbition, 3rd place

1973 — “Venus”, Krakow photographic union, Krakow, Poland

1974 — “Venus”, Krakow photographic union, Krakow, Poland

1974 — “Vitkovice-74”, Ostrava, Czech Repbulic

1975 — International salon of art photography “Sarajevo’75”, Sarajevo, Yugoslavia

1977 — “Интерпрессфот- 77”, Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNKh), Moscow, RFSSR

1978 — “Фотографика” contest, Minsk, BSSR

1983 — Vremia group exhibition,  House of Scientists, Kharkiv, USSR

1987 — “Ф-87,” Palace of Students of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, Kharkiv, USSR

1988 — Vremia group exhibition, Photovacacie festival, Bulgaria

1988 — “Ф-88,” Palace of Students of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, Kharkiv, USSR

1989 — “Contemporary Soviet Photography”, Kunsthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

1989 — “Фотографии– 150,” Central House of Artist, Moscow, RFSR

1990 — House of Cinema, Moscow, Russia

1993 — Middfest International Festival, Middletown, Ohio, USA

1993 — “Kharkiv Photography,” Museum of Industrial Culture, Nuremberg, Germany

1993 — “Soul of Ukraine”, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

1994 — Kyiv, Ukraine

1995 — “Multiple Exposures: Ukrainian Photography Today”, Rutgers Art Center, Zimmerly Museum, New Jersey, USA

1995 — “Reusable images. Ukrainian photographers today”, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

1997 — Municipal gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

1998-1999 — Kyiv and Kharkiv, Ukraine

2000 — “Фото и Видео. Харьков – 1960 – 90-е”, “Soviart” contemporary art centre, Kyiv, Ukraine (curators — Andrii Avdieienko and Tetiana Pavlova)

2001 — “Проект: Музей Фотографии”, Municipal gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine (curator — Tetiana Pavlova)

2001 — “Я люблю наш город” (together with the archive of the photographer Olekiy Ivanitsky), House of architects, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2003 — 10th International festival of photography, “Гончари” gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2003 — exhibition of the Union of photographers of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

2004 — “Fotograficy z Charkowa,” “Arsenał” municipal gallery, Poznan, Poland (curator — Tatyana Tumasyan)

2005 — “Лица первой столицы”, Livadia palace and 5 cities of Crimea, Crimea, Ukraine

2006 — International festival of antique art “Боспорские агоны”, Kerch, Crimea, Ukraine

2007 — “Зустріч” project, 4 cities of the Western Ukraine

2008 — “Лабораторія української фотографії”, “Лавра” municipal gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine (curator — Tatyana Tumasyan)

2008 — “Боб-фест”, Kharkiv, Ukraine (куратор — Андрій Авдєєнко)

2012 — “Квітуча Україна”, Kirivograd, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2013 — “Акт неповиновения. Тело как протест в харьковской фотографии 1970-2010 гг.” (Act of Disobedience. Body as a Protest in Kharkiv Photography of 1970s-2010s) , Lumiere brothers Center for Photography, Moscow, Russia (curator – Katerina Zuyeva)

2014 — “Харьковская школа фотографии: от советской цензуры к новой эстетике” (part І), municipal gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine (curator — Igor Manko)

2015 — “Cossacks contemporary”, Bunsen Goetz gallery, Nuremberg, Germany

2015 — “Украина – это я”, “Мистецтво Слобожанщини” gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2015 — “Харьковская школа фотографии: от советской цензуры к новой эстетике” (part IІ), municipal gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine (curator — Igor Manko)

2017 — “Харків. 18+,” Odesa//Batumi Photo Days 2017, Museum of Modern art of Odesa, Odesa, Ukraine (curator — Sergiy Lebedynskyy)

2018 — “École photographique de Kharkiv”, Kherson Museum of Modern Art, Kherson, Ukraine (curator — Victoria Bavykina)

2019 — “Харківська школа фотографії з колекції сім’ї Гриньових” (Kharkiv school of photography from Grynovs’ family collection”, Mironova Foundation gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine (curator — Victoria Bavykina)

2019 — “Перетинаючи межу” (Crossing lines), PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv, Ukraine (curators — Björn Geldhof, Martin Kiefer, Alicia Knock)

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