COME IN art gallery has been working for almost five years. During all this time it was the venue for the shows that featured various art practices (from painting to installation), but it’s photography that has always been our priority realm. The Museum of Kharkiv School of Photography (MOKSOP) was launched in Kharkiv in autumn of 2018. The first collaboration between COME IN and the Museum took place in December of the same year: an exhibition of Victor and Sergey Kochetovs “Neither important, nor main…” and presentation of the debuting publication of MOKSOP – photobook “Kochetov”.

Realising that we have common aims and interests, both teams decided to continue the partnership. And we are glad to announce the start of a year-long cooperation between MOKSOP and COME IN in April 2019. For a year COME IN will become a location for the range of the Museum of Kharkiv School of Photography’s projects. Within those projects the museum will start presenting the collection materials to a wide audience, and the gallery will finally fulfill an old plan to shift the focus towards photography. We are planning the shows that will offer the viewers both the historical perspective on the development of the Ukrainian photography, and the insight into its contemporary tendencies.